Don't Let Winter Run You Down

Campaign to keep Halifax in good spirits after a series of snowstorms.

How Much Is An Arm Worth?

If an injury costs you your job, you lose money. What do you lose when it costs you your quality of life? Internet pre-roll ad for Nova Injury Law LLC.

Cycle (2016) - Trailer

This William Stewart film will be at Cannes for the 2017 Short Film Corner. A dark short about a girl with a problem. Charlie directed the photography for this 8mm B&W film.


Charlie contributed to the art department and final space battle scene of this award winning collaboration between Austria's electronic music, opera, and conceptual filmmaking talent.

Tour de Bloc 2017

Canada's largest bouldering competition circuit comes to Halifax's Seven Bays Bouldering.

How to park in a bike lane

More bike lanes, more problems. PLANifax and The Coast poke fun at drivers for parking where they shouldn't.


Barrel Monkey

Poplar Grove Winery uses tons of new french oak to age its big reds for 12-24 months. Cellar master Brett Meier handles it all. 

Design by Public Engagement: Spring Garden West

Halifax has been designing buildings backwards. Dexel Developments turned the design process on its head by starting with the community.